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Bitterroot Boat Works

The Classic Low Side Drift Boat is the culmination of many years of rowing and guiding out of different boat designs all over Oregon, Idaho, Montana, and Patagonia. I designed and built this boat for the serious fisherman who also enjoys rowing one of the prettiest, strongest, most durable drift boats on the market today. Using classic practices and applying new age technologies this boats’ history comes from the original building styles used by drift boat pioneers and combines that with modern day epoxies and plastics to create an incredibly elegant yet super functional fishing vessel.

Highlights from the construction of my custom drift boats over the last ten years

The Bitterroot Skiff I designed in the winter of 2011 to be the ultimate low water machine. Because of its wide width and light build it only draws a couple of inches of water, so when low water hits your river you don't have to stop fishing because you can't get your drift boat there. The skiff will and can go almost anywhere. Weighing in at around 200 lbs. it is one of the lightest wood boats on the market and so stable you will never dump a chine in a rock while crossing a gravel bar. Although set up to sit and fish out of, casting braces are easily added.

Check out our new Bitterroot Skiff - the ultimate low water fishing vessel

Standard features for both Drift boat and Skiff:

Front and back box seats for storage and two fishermen
Casting braces front and back on Drift boat model
Fully epoxy/varnish coated Douglas fir plywood for sides (Note: plywood sides are also totally enclosed in fiberglass for longevity of hull)
Fiberglass reinforced hull (interior and exterior)
Galvanized trailer
Tempress front and back seats
Standard rowing bench
Dierks stomp anchor system

Optional features include:

Sepele Mahogany plywood for boat sides and trim
Pedestal front and back seat
Rowing seat w/ storage box
Stainless steel adjustable oarlocks (recommended)
Vacuum applied UHMW plastic shoe for boat hull (recommended for hard use)
Casting braces for skiff design
Spare tire for trailer
Oars (multiple types and makes available)
Waterproof boat cover

Standard price for Bitterroot Skiff: $8500.00

Standard price for Classic Low Side Drift Boat: $10,200.00

Note: both models are available in high side or low side options as well as with Doug Fir Plywood or Sepele Mahogany plywood.

drift boat fishing
the ultimate objective
custom drift boats
superior new materials
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old-school craftsmenship
custom details
custom details

2011 Bitterroot Skiff

drift boat fishing

the new Bitterroot Skiff
custom drift boats
modern materials
finely crafted
pioneering design
finely crafted
great comfort
custom details
casting braces available

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