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The Rivers

Bitterroot River

Bitterroot River:

The Bitterroot River flows 90 miles north to its confluence with the Clark Fork River in Missoula, MT. This beautiful stream holds great numbers of Cutthroats, Rainbows, Cutbows and Brown Trout. The “Root” has excellent aquatic bug hatches, of both Stone flies and May flies, which begin in Early March and run till mid-summer. Then grasshopper fishing begins and runs well into Late Sept. By early September the May flies come out again and hatch well into late October. This is truly a classic western stream flowing and meandering through the Cottonwoods, Aspens and Ponderosa Pines surrounded by snowcapped mountains in the distance.

Blackfoot River

Blackfoot River:

The Blackfoot is our mountain stream. It is a fast flowing river that continuously drops for 70+ miles through boulder gardens and scenic canyons to its confluence with the Clark Fork River in Missoula. The “Foot” was made famous in the 90’s because it is the river Norman Mclean wrote his famous book, “A River Runs Through It” about. This gem has wonderful summertime bug hatches and is exciting to fish because of the constantly changing gradient of the river. As a norm big foam flies rules this river and these fish like to chase the fly down and inhale it. The river begins to fish in Early June with the start of the famous Salmon Fly Hatch but really gets going in July and August when the hopper and Spruce Moth fishing is at its peak. If you love to streamer fish, late September and October is when the big ones come out to feed heavy before winter.

Clark Fork River

Clark Fork River:

The Clark Fork of the Columbia is the longest and largest of Western Montana’s rivers. There are hundreds of miles of fishable water and it fishes great from Early April through late October. The Clark Fork is known not as a numbers river but for its large average size, although on a good May fly day you would think there are thousands of big trout per mile. There are excellent Stone fly, May fly, Caddis hatches and don’t forget the grasshoppers or the bastard stones flies of late summer. A definitely must see on any Western Montana fishing trip!

Missouri River

Missouri River:

While the other three big rivers of Western Montana are freestone rivers, we just happen to have one of the finest tailwaters in the West right out our back door. We fish the Missouri River April through Oct. and with over 4,000 big, possibly giant Rainbows and Browns per mile you can see why. It is an excellent dry fly river with great may fly and caddis hatches and some unreal summertime hopper fishing. The really great thing about the Missouri being so close to Missoula is that if rain or snow drives the rivers of Western Montana off color we can still hop over the “Mighty Mo” where the river is clear no matter the level. The Best time of year on the “Mo” is last week in May thru the third week in June or the whole month of October which offers some of the finest dry fly fishing in the world.

Dearborn River


We have an amazing amount of water in Western Montana and beginning the third Saturday in May every year our smaller streams open for fishing. From Mid-May thru early June is the time to go float streams and small rivers that only with spring runoff become floatable and to cast flies to fish that may have never seen either a boat or a fly or both simultaneously. We don’t name or talk to people who don’t already know about these places so if you want an adventure think about no people, dumb fish, and new possibilities.



There are numerous excellent lake fisheries around Western Montana. If you would rather retrieve Damsel Nymphs off of weed beds or fish Cronomids under an indicator or cast dry flies to trout gulping Calabaetis just let us know your interest in advance and we will insert a day or two of interesting fun lake fishing into the schedule.

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Big Sky Country
Big Sky Country

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