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Months we fish:

The point should be made that we have great fishing opportunities for the entire length of our season which runs from Early March through October and no one time is greater than any other - just different.


March is the beginning of our season. Every year we have one of the earliest dry fly fisheries in the West on the Bitterroot. The Skwala Stonefly hatch: this stonefly is a dark (olive or black) size 8 or 10 bug which translates into some of the finest dry fly fishing of the season. We are talking large fish and lots of them when the bite is on! Fish are just out of winter and ready to eat. Although the weather can be cool (waders and coats) the fishing usually makes up for it. Take a chance and come Mid-March - you will not regret it!


Is a continuation of March, but the Clark Fork also begins to fish well and you also begin to see great March Brown and Grey Drake Hatches along with Skwalas. The great thing about April is the amount of different water available with two rivers fishing great! One of the top months of the year! Another thing to take into account is the price discount until May 15th.


May is an interesting month because historically people thought spring runoff ruined the fishing, while some areas are indeed too high for fly fishing, high water opens up a multitude of opportunities not found the rest of the year. Depending on the year you might find yourself on the Missouri River fishing the Mother’s Day Caddis hatch or floating some tiny tributary no one else has ever floated looking for a fish no one else has ever hooked. May and Early June are my personal favorites, it is a time of change and evolution and it is awesome to be out there experiencing it. As the water begins to rise on the Missouri every year in Late May the big fish come out to play. If you want to catch giant fish after giant fish and don’t mind an indicator come fish with us in the last week of May or the first three weeks of June, the fishing will blow your mind!


June is the beginning of summer. Although early June can sometimes still have high water conditions, the Missouri is always fishing great and the Stoneflies are beginning to move and we usually have Salmon Fly fishing somewhere that is going strong, generally The Blackfoot, West Fork of the Bitterroot or Rock Creek. The bug hatches in June are incredible - starting with Salmon Flies, then Golden Stones, Green Drakes, Tan Drakes, Caddis, PMD’s, Yellow Sally’s and so on, by late June the water is on the drop and summertime fishing is here. By mid-June generally daytime temps are warm and the sun is shining.


Is a continuation of June but the water is starting to level out and things are more consistent day to day. We have excellent Golden Stone fishing mixed with May flies all the way until the end of July and then Grasshopper fishing is in full swing and we are into August. Daytime temps are generally in the high seventies to low eighties and wet wading feels good. This is the safest month to fish when taking weather and water conditions into account. It is just all around good fishing!


Is our sleeper month - there are not nearly the crowds of fishermen July brings. But August can actually be one of the best months. Our Trico hatches and hopper fishing is outstanding in early and mid-August and some years toward the end of August we start to see our fall May fly hatches. The weather is nice, but since the days are once again getting shorter daytime highs in August are many years significantly less than the highs of July. Come catch big ones on big foam flies - it is a ton of fun!


September is known for its world class May fly fishing. Where many great fly fishing areas are slowing down in September, Missoula is just getting warmed up for a second bonanza of fish gluttony. You will find Mahogany’s, Hecuba’s, and Blue Wing Olives by the droves. Most days all through September you can expect reasonably excellent dry fly fishing to start in early afternoon like clockwork.


Is trophy trout month, although we still have excellent dry fly fishing, if you like to pull streamers and chase giant fish, October is the time. The Missouri river offers up some of finest Blue Wing Olive and Caddis fishing of the year but you can also step cast runs in the same day for staging giant Brown Trout getting ready for their fall spawn in November.


There are some excellent options for wintertime fishing but it is totally weather dependent so give me a call and we can discuss it. Cheers.

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